About Us

“Our mission is to make further education accessible to all young people and adults in East London, no matter what their background or family circumstances”

The Learning Revolution Trust (LRT) was formed in December 2011 as a subsidiary of the College, to attract sponsorship and donations in support of bursaries, capital development and research.  The Learning Revolution Trust supports disadvantaged learners in East London by removing the financial and social barriers to education. In this way, it is creating a culture of ambition, opportunity and learning.

The primary areas of support are:

  • FE Bursary recipients - Financial support and educational materials for FE students facing hardship and who are  ineligible for government funded FE hardship support funds
  • HE Bursary recipients - Financial support for Higher Education learners ineligible for Student Finance England support
  • Work Ready - a programme which provides financial support to help young people buy essential clothing, pay for transport and other costs involved in achieving the transition from college to employment.
  • Hardship bursary recipients - Provides an opportunity for learners who are experiencing extreme hardship and have explored all other sources of financial assistance
  • Vulnerable Young Adult bursary recipients - Vulnerable Young Adults including those who are in care, care leavers, or homeless or who are otherwise facing exceptionally challenging personal circumstances.