FE Bursary recipients

 Osarumwense   Computer System Engineering

Osarumwense could not obtain any funding because of his residential status - although he is a German National, he only arrived in the UK a few days before the start of his course. Living alone in the UK he was reliant on personal savings and family support from Germany to pay for his bills and regular outgoings. He had 100% attendance and was on track to complete his course with a distinction.

"Thanks to the LRT I am a prospective computer science student of the University of Brunnel. Because of the LRT's support, I was able to focus on my work, complete UCAS application and meet the condition of my offer."

Winnie  Access to Health, Social and Community Work Programme

Winnie could not obtain an Advanced Learning Loan from the Student Loan Company because of her residential status. She lives with her husband and their three children. Money was tight and she was struggling to pay the tuition fees. She was offered a place at University of East London starting in the next academic year.

"Because of this bursary I will be able to complete my access course in college and go to university. I am very grateful."

 Pre-Access Science

Khady lives alone, her family is in Italy. Her mother had been providing financial support but unfortunately was diagnosed with cancer so found it difficult to continue to do so. Khady worked part-time around her studies in order to pay her rent and other outgoings but was still struggling. She was unable to receive any learner support hardship funding.

Kiran  Beauty Therapy Techniques Level 3

Kiran could not gain finance due to her residential status. She worked around her study in a beauty salon which was her only income - her elderly parents live in India and were not able to support her financially due to health issues.

"I want to say thank you very much to the LRT from the bottom of my heart. You helped me complete my studies. I do not have the words to explain how helpful it was."

Christiana Pre-Access Science Course Level 2

Christiana lives with her parents and was dependent upon her father for financial support in respect of her study. However, he works in the construction sector and the work is not always available. She was not eligible for any learner support funding.

"I am so grateful for your help."

  Access to Health Course.

Unfortunately she could not obtain an Advanced Learning Loan from the Student Loan Company because of her residential status– although she has been in the UK over 3 years she is currently on a spouse visa and her husband has indefinite leave. She works part-time, her partner is self-employed and they have a young child so struggled to cover costs.

“I really want to carry on and complete my course and then to apply for university. Thank you for your help. In the middle of every difficulty lies opportunity"

Colin was on an Access to Computer, Science and Maths Level 3 Course. He lives on his own and travelled from Chatham to study his course. He has lost his parents and although he has two siblings they are not able to support him financially.

“The LRT bursary assisted me with travel expenses that I wouldn't have been able to afford on my own income. It is because of the LRT that I am able to attend my course to achieve an access to higher education diploma in computer science and maths. I appreciate the support from LRT team and I am forever grateful as they have made my life a little easier. Thank you.”

Ruth’s Asylum Seeker Status means that she had very little money to support herself and her young son.  

“Thank you for the bursary. It helped with my child nursery fees as well as food and travel.”

Atesaam is studying Advanced Extended Diploma in Digital Technologies at Level 3.

He cannot obtain funding from the Student Loan Company because of his residential status. He originally came to the UK as a dependent of his father. Atesaam is waiting for the Home Office to issue his own Biometric Card evidencing his indefinite leave to remain in the UK. The LRT helped towards his course costs. 

“The LRT support is immense for me as it will give me an opportunity to follow my dream of becoming the best Software Programmer in the country. I couldn’t be happier.”

Florence was studying AAT Level 3. Unfortunately she could not obtain funding due to her residential status. Her husband has severe health problems and is unable to work so she is effectively his carer. Having completed AAT at Level 1 and Level 2 she wanted to complete the Level 3 and ultimately look for a career in the Accountancy Sector.

“As a recipient of the LRT I was able continue my AAT level 3 course. Gaining this qualification will give me more chance of securing a job in the future. I really appreciate the help."

Maria was studying for a C&G Award in Education and Training Course at Level 3

She was the only provider in the family as her husband was suffering health issues. She was travelling quite a distance to do the course and was really struggling to keep afloat financially.

“This award has given me the opportunity to have a better future. What great support!”

Maybelle is studying AAT Level 3. She cannot obtain funding due to her residential status – she has been resident for nine years but only has leave to remain until June 2019. She is a single mum with a young child and works part time around her studies but was struggling financially.

“The bursary has helped relieve my financial struggle significantly. Being a single parent working part-time it was very difficult. I often thought of quitting the course because I was exhausted with working and studying and struggling to pay for books, child care and basic costs. Because of the bursary, however, I think all the hard work will be worth it.”

Papis is studying an Access to Health Course at Level 3 having completed Levels 1 and 2 in the previous academic year. Unfortunately he cannot obtain funding due to his residential status. He lives alone and is not able to obtain any financial support from his immediate family so works part time around his study to support himself. His ambition is to go to university to study nursing and then eventually to obtain a job in the medical profession.

“The LRT has helped me by paying a part of my tuition fee which I would have found difficult without their help. I want to thank them for their generosity towards students like me. God bless you all!"

Tsotne is on an Access to Higher Education Computer Science and Maths programme. Being an asylum seeker he was not eligible for funding. He is the first in his family to progress to higher education. As well as the barrier of language his family has no money to help with his fees.

“It is very difficult to find the appropriate words to express the gratefulness to the Learning Revolution Trust for what you have done for me and for other students."

Chinwe was studying an Access to Humanities - Law Course. She could not obtain an Advanced Learning Loan from the Student Loan Company because of her residential status. She was struggling to pay her fees.

“With very young children and a partner who is self-employed, it was very challenging financially to pay the tuition fees without some external help. I was very determined to do this course - it was my access to University and I wasn't going to let the opportunity slip just like that. I heard about the LRT and so applied. I was awarded some help towards my tuition fees. The news was such a huge relief to me. I am really grateful to the Learning Revolution Trust. It's very reassuring to know that there are organisations like this who actually care and help students who really want to study but cannot do so because of financial constraints.”

Sara was studying an Access to Health Course. As she had not been resident in the UK for three years she was unable to obtain an Advanced Learner Loan from Student finance. As such she was struggling financially. Her ambition was to go on to university and to then seek employment in the health profession. The Learning Revolution Trust helped Sara towards her tuition fees.

“The bursary helped me to study and achieve my goal. Thank you LRT for the help that you gave me.”

Tatiana was studying A level Maths. She lives with her mother and two younger brothers. Her mother works and provides for the three children but it is a struggle financially.

“This bursary helped me a lot, to reach my goal in finishing A level maths. It has given me the opportunity to receive offers from top universities such as Bristol, Nottingham, Bath and Leeds. I am so grateful for your help!”

Gloria was studying an Access to Health Course. She could not obtain a loan from the student loan company because of her current residential status. She worked part-time but she struggled to meet the daily expenses of life as well as having to pay for her tuition.

“The LRT bursary has helped me so much and has made my dreams of becoming a midwife and having full time employment more tangible.”

Neil* had completed BTEC in Business. He then studied AAT at Level 3. He was not able to apply for a loan. Neil worked part-time around his studies but was struggling. The LRT helped toward the cost of his course.

“The LRT has helped me stay on my course and pursue my dream of going to University to study Accounting and ultimately become a financial accountant.”

Sharon was studying Cache Level 3 Diploma for Children and Young People’s Workforce. A single mum, she chose to study as she wanted a better life for herself and her daughter. Her aim was to qualify as a childminder. Sharon had very little income and trying to make ends meet was a daily struggle. On the little income she did have she struggled to pay utility and household bills, travel costs as well as buying course books and materials, food for her daughter and herself and other basic necessities.

 "I want to express my immense gratitude to the Learning Revolution Trust for awarding me a bursary. This bursary is really going to help me be able to continue my course.”

Folake was studying Access to Health and Social Care Level 3. As long as she can remember she has always wanted a better education but circumstances have prevented her from pursuing this. A mother of 5, Folake thrives to educate herself so she can provide a good standard of living for her children and be a good role model to them. In 2008 she tried to access education but a delay with her application with the Home Office prohibited this. Finally in 2012 she was granted Discretional Leave to remain in the UK as her children are British and the first thing she did was apply for the course. She then however faced another obstacle when she was rejected the 24+ advance learning loan to help fund her course on the grounds she does not have Indefinite Leave to Remain.

“The money I received has made my future goals more tangible. My confidence has increased and I am able to focus on my studies. I am very grateful to the Learning Revolution Trust and I hope the charity will receive more support so it can continue to help students facing difficulties such as mine.”

Maria was studying CELTA/PTTLS. When she first enrolled on the course she thought she would qualify for Learning Support Funding, not realising that it didn’t apply to Level 5 courses.   Her estranged husband refused to help her pay the fees. She worked part-time but her earnings were minimal and she had to ask friends to help out. She managed to pay some of the fees but was struggling to keep up with payments causing her a great deal of worry and stress.  

“Being awarded the bursary was like receiving an early Christmas present.  I was feeling more and more desperate each day worrying about how I would be able to pay the balance for my tuition fees.  My CELTA course was nearing its end and there was still a substantial amount that I owed.  Luckily my tutor made me aware of the Learning Revolution Trust.Now that my fees have been fully paid, I feel so relieved and so grateful for being a recipient of the bursary.  There's a new confidence in me with the knowledge that I will soon be a qualified ESOL teacher, opening up potential job opportunities. Thank you LRT for believing in me and for supporting me to achieve my goal."

Susan was studying Access to Law. She was having family related problems which caused her a great deal of stress and was living with friends. She was struggling to pay basic day to day living expenses.

“The bursary has really helped with my travel and living expenses. Thank you to the Learning Revolution Trust for making my life a bit easier for me.”

Some names and identifying details have been changed to protect the privacy of individuals.

HE Bursary recipients

Debra had one outstanding module to complete in respect of her Level 5 Business Management programme. She had no SLC support available to her for this module. She lives alone and was suffering financially as she had to cease her full time job following medical advice received from her GP.


“The support of bursary helped me to complete my module Human Resources Management. I am very gratefully for the support.”

Kremena was studying Combined Studies. She did not receive any maintenance support because of her EU status – she is a Bulgarian national. She lives a lone and has no family support. She worked part-time around her studies but struggled with the normal day to day costs such as rent and bills. 

“Thank you very much for the support!”

Anna was studying Counselling Studies. She is a single mother of two and following personal traumatic experiences (domestic violence and burglary) was re-located out to Braintree. Her journey to college took over an hour and having no maintenance funding she was struggling financially to cope.

“The bursary was a great help towards my travel expenses because it enabled me to attend my classes. Before I received the I bursary my attendance was poor because I just could not afford to travel to colleges."

Cynthia was in her third and final year. She was not eligible for funding in respect of maintenance because she is an Irish citizen; similarly she is not eligible to receive benefits. She lives alone and relied upon an allowance from the Irish Government plus parental support. However, due to personal circumstances; the financial support from her parents diminished dramatically. The LRT support eased her immediate financial pressures and enabling her to successfully complete her education.

“Many thanks for your support.”

Shenaid was in her final year of study. Although she had received SLC support for previous years they were not paying her final year due to their belief that an overpayment had previously been made. She is a single mother. She worked at nights which together with child tax credits enabled her to pay her monthly outgoings. Being in her final year of study she was determined to successfully complete the course and although heavily in debt, was giving her absolute priority to costs regarding the course so she could pursue her ultimate ambition of entering the midwifery profession

The LRT helped towards some of her costs.

 “Thank you so much for your help. I really appreciate it.”

Whitney commenced her three year Psychology and Sociology HE programme in October 2017 and was seeking help in paying the balance outstanding on her first year tuition fee. She was not entitled to the tuition fee assistance because of a course she previously undertook back in 2007 which she had to discontinue due to personal reasons. She is a single mum of one and is reliant upon child benefit/child tax credit, plus savings accrued from previous work to pay her regular outgoings.

“Without the LRT bursary, I would have found it extremely difficult to continue my studies. As a self funding student, the LRT has gone a long way to support my educational journey.”

Muna was in the final year of her combined Studies HE programme. She was originally due to finish her course in July 2016 but because of personal circumstances she had to extend until May 2017 and as such was not entitled to any student funding for the additional ten months. She needed financial assistance to help her with her living expenses.

“The bursary has helped me a great deal. I was really struggling financially and was not able to afford travel costs or to buy the books and study materials that I needed. Without this bursary I really believe I would not have been able to continue with my course. I am eternally grateful to the Learning Revolution Trust for taking away some of the financial pressure and in helping me to focus on completing my course. Thank you.”

Kirsty* was in her first year of study. She did not receive any maintenance support because of her EU status – she is a Bulgarian national and had been resident in the UK for one year. She lives alone in a shared house and worked part time around her study. Her income was not enough to cover her living expenses and she was struggling with her rent and other household bills. The LRT helped to ease her financial situation and assist her in completing the first year of her study. 

 “Thank you to the LRT. The money really helped me as I was able to afford basic costs, travel to college and also to buy materials I needed for college.”

Josie* was in her first year of study of Counselling studies. She was living with her grandmother in Tower Hamlets. Her grandmother suffers from dementia and the Local Authority instructed that Josie and her young daughter could no longer live with her due to health and safety regulations. This resulted in Josie becoming homeless and she was living with a friend. The LRT helped with the initial outlay of finding and settling into a new home enabling her to manage until her financial position stabilised.

 “I am so happy to be a part of an establishment that looks after their students this much. While some times the stress of life at University will not allow us to avoid obstacles, the LRT had made sure through my obstacles they will not allow me to fail. In my most desperate time of need they helped me find accommodation for me and my daughter and I am so grateful. For years to come I will never forget how the LRT helped to change my life. Thank you."

Bea* was studying BA Counselling. Both her parents passed away in 2014 and she assumed the parental role for her three younger siblings. She received child benefit and child tax credit plus other members of the family provide financial support to help her with the monthly rent and other bills. However she was struggling to pay the balance of her tuition fees.

Ivy* was studying BSC Counselling course and received no funding for her tuition fees. She had to use her maintenance loan to pay her fees therefore leaving her with very little money.

“The bursary has helped me be able to travel to college as well as helping with other basic costs. Thank you."

Mary* was studying BSC Counselling course. As she has studied previously she did not receive any funding from Student Finance for her tuition fees.

“This bursary has helped me in furthering my education and given me the opportunity to have a more successful future. Thank you."

Ruth* was studying BA Business & Management degree. She is a single parent of two children. She received an unexpected debt from DWP which she could not afford to pay. This was causing her a great deal of worry and stress. The LRT helped by contributing towards this debt.

“I really appreciated the support from the LRT. Without this I would have had to face up to bailiffs knocking at my door! I was not excepting this debt at all as I thought it had been dealt with. As a single parent studying money is already very tight."

Freya* was studying BA Counselling Studies. She receives financial support for maintenance but not for her tuition fees. A single mum she wanted to complete her studies to make a better life for her and her child. The LRT helped towards her tuition fee.

“The bursary has supported me enormously in enabling me to continue my studies until the end. Without the bursary, it would have been impossible for me to be able to continue my studies to completion. I am very grateful.”

Caleb* was in his final year of his HE programme. His financial situation was such that he was going to have to leave his course due to lack of funds. He could not afford the travel attend college. He found a part –time job but needed some financial assistance whilst he worked through the probation period.  

“The LRT bursary assisted me at a time of great need whilst studying on a 3 yr Degree course at the NUC part of Newham College Stratford.”

Angela Salmon was studying BA Counselling. She received a maintenance loan but this did not cover her rent so she has struggling.

 “The bursary helped towards my tuition fees as well as living expenses and enabling me to buy necessary books for my course. I would not have been able to manage without this bursary. Thank you LRT for your kind support."

Sally* was studying BA Counselling. As she was retaking some modules she did not receive finance for her tuition fees and also received only part maintenance. She was borrowing money for her basic needs, food, travel and bills. 

"Without the help of the LRT team I would not have been able to continue with my studies and would have no doubt had to leave the course. I will be forever grateful for the bursary because without it I wouldn’t have been in this fortunate position I am today”.

Peter was studying BA in Counselling. He is a father of two and the sole provider for his family. He was unable to obtain financial assistance from the SLC for 2015/2016 because of his previous study undertaken in Kenya. As such it was a struggle for him to pay for his fees as well as providing for his wife and two children. He worked hard to earn money leaving him less time to study.

“Thank you for the bursary. This help will enable me to concentrate more on my studies rather than just engaging with hard work for money.”

Sade* was studying BA Counselling degree. She had no financial support and was struggling to pay for her fees as well as supporting her two children. She had gone back to studying after 16 years so that she could fulfil her dreams of becoming a counsellor.

“The Trust has helped me and my children in more ways than I can speak about. I enrolled on the counselling course in February 2016 and resigned from work believing I would be entitled to a student loan. My application, however, was rejected. Without the LRT’s support I would not have been able to continue studying. I have 2 children and it has been hard returning to full time study. I feel confident and happy knowing the financial burden has been eased. I can concentrate on making my family proud and in securing a better future for us all. Thank you for all your help.”

Lorraine was studying Business and Management Studies. Having separated from her husband she was facing severe financial difficulties. She tried to secure part-time work but this proved difficult to find around her study. She thought she would have to drop out of her studies to find full time work as she couldn’t cope. As she was in her last hear she really didn’t want to do this. The LRT helped by providing her with funds for her basic needs.

“The LRT bursary helped me to pay my rent during my financial challenges. Thank you."

Brenda* was studying BA in Counselling. She did not receive maintenance and although she had a part-time administrative job was struggling to survive financially and pay bills. She is a single parent with two dependents.

"Thanks very much for the bursary.   I would not been in a position to continue with my Degree if the LRT funding was not available."

Hibo was studying Psychology. She was unable to get her student finance in place last year and had to withdraw after one semester. She then managed to get her student finance in place and returned to restart her degree. However she then discovered she owed half of her yearly tuition fee from the previous year and would not be able to continue unless this debt was paid. With no savings and a single parent working part-time she could not afford to pay the outstanding fee.

“The bursary helped give me a helping hand in a financial situation that made me almost want to give up. I felt like I wasn't alone because the bursary helped towards my debt which I am extremely grateful for.”

Tiana was studying Psychology. She had recently come out of a ten year abusive marriage. She had received counselling and wanted to turn her life around. She had no support network and was struggling financially with the demands of running the household and looking after three children. She was in arrears at her children’s nursery and at risk of losing their place. She is on medication for stress and anxiety.

“The bursary has been a great help. It helped towards my sons’ nursery fees and travel costs therefore relieving some of my stress.”

Aza was studying a BA in Combined Studies. She did not receive any Student Finance because she had previously received funding but had to retake a module. She had learning difficulties and health issues.

“The Learning Revolution Trust’s support has helped replace my worries with happiness."

Michaela received some funding from Student Finance for her tuition fees but not for maintenance. Once she had paid her rent she had very little money left. She has a disabled daughter and was struggling to make ends meet. She found it difficult to find the money to travel to college and had no family support.

“The Learning Revolution Trust has helped me stay on top of my household bills as well as with my travel costs to College. This will enable me to complete my modules. I wouldn’t be able to do this without the support of the Learning Revolution Trust."

Angela was studying for BA Hons Business & Management. As she had not been living in the UK for three years she was not entitled to a maintenance loan. She had used all her savings and her parents were on a very low income and so were unable to support her.

“The bursary has enabled me to continue with my studies as I can now pay most of my basic expenses. I would never have been able to come this far without the bursary."

Angela was studying for a Counselling degree. She did not receive any financial assistance towards her tuition fees and had no financial support from her family. She had two dependants and struggled to meet the shortfall in her rent each month.

“The Learning Revolution Trust has been a great support to me. The award has helped towards paying my tuition fees so that I can complete my course. It has also helped me meet basic costs. I know I will now be able to fulfil my ambition in gaining my degree in Counselling.”

Greta* was studying BA in Counselling. She was not eligible for student finance towards her tuition fees due to having had financial support previously. She was returning to a level 6 course hoping to top up her previous foundation degree to a full degree in Counselling. She worked part-time and had three children to support who all lived at home. The youngest required childcare so she could work and go to college.

“This bursary will enable me to fulfil my dream of gaining a Degree in Counselling.  The financial assistance will enable me to travel to college, buy the material I need and pay for some of my tuition fees.  This assistance has given me the motivation I need to continue with my studies because I was beginning to feel discouraged.”

Ruth* was studying BA Business and Management. She received some student finance but her maintenance loan was unexpectedly reduced and she was struggling with high rental costs due to paying bedroom tax. She is a single mum to two young children and is under a lot of financial pressure.

“Thank you for helping me. The funding helps me with my rent easing the financial burden.”

Kesetseng was in her final year of BSC Counselling. She had no funding from Student Finance for her tuition fees and no state benefits. She worked part-time but was struggling to pay her fees. As she could not afford the fees she was unable to enrol for her final year. Having come so far she was desperate to carry on and complete her course.

The bursary has helped pay towards my tuition fees. As I am struggling financially I can honestly say that the bursary has helped so much. I am very grateful because now I can carry on with my studies without having to worry about getting myself into more debt.”

Muna was a mature student studying BA Hons Combined Studies (Education skills and English). Her aim was to become a teacher and she believed this course is paramount in achieving her dreams. Muna was not entitled to tuition fees or a maintenance grant. She had rent arrears and was struggling to afford the travel to college as well as basic living costs. As well as her financial difficulties she was a carer dealing with long term illness in the family causing her more strain. 

“The bursary has helped me in so many ways. It has helped me pay my rent arrears and some university costs and as such has taken a lot of pressure off me. The worry about how I could pay for things had become very stressful and was affecting my studies. I am not sure if I would have been able to continue with my course if I had not received financial assistance from the Learning Revolution Trust. I really appreciate that there is funding like the Learning Revolution Trust available to help people like myself.”

Jill* was a carer for her terminally ill husband. She was studying Cert Ed P.G.C.E to gain a qualification to help prepare for her return to work. Studying has given her a focus and purpose other than being a carer.

“I really feel that this bursary has enabled me in achieving my future goals, and taken me away from my home situation and given me purpose, which has already had great emotional benefits for me."

Mark * lived in council accommodation with his daughter. He was the first person in his immediate family to progress to Higher Education. He was unemployed for two years and had found it increasingly difficult to find work. He enrolled on a BA/BSc (Hons) Counselling course to help him develop new skills to enhance his career prospects.

“The bursary has helped me by enabling me to buy books and ICT equipment for core readings and writing assignments. It has also helped with travel expenses enabling me to continue attending my course. If I had not received the bursary, I'm not sure how I would have coped, as I was struggling financially."

Katie was studying BSC in counselling studies. She funded the first two years of the course herself and was led to believe from Student Finance England that she was eligible for funding of full loan and tuition fees in her final year. She then discovered this was not the case and as such did not have enough funds to cover her final year and living costs. Katie has been achieving first grades in all her modules on her course and would not have been able to complete the final year and continue her work placement to gain BACP accreditation without the help of the Learning Revolution Trust.

"The bursary has been a profound help to me. As a self funding student balancing work and university commitments can be stressful. The bursary has contributed to my tuition fees easing much financial pressure which allows me to focus on my studies in the final year of my degree."

Carol* was studying BA (Hons) Business Management. She was struggling to cope with her rent and the costs of day to day living as well buying the necessary books and materials for her course.

“I would like to thank the LRT for my bursary. This has been so helpful. I was finding it a real struggle to cope with bills and other costs.  The support I am receiving from you has helped give me motivation and will help enormously towards improving my life through study."

Leanna was a single mum with three children. She had previously studied at university but had to quit her course due to domestic violence and subsequently being relocated. She was doing a BA in counselling studies. She only received funding for one year and so she was self funding the rest of the course. She made many sacrifices to pursue her dreams of becoming a qualified counsellor but was struggling financially. 

 “I would like to thank the Learning Revolution Trust for helping to contribute to my fees. Without this help I wouldn’t be able to get through this year. With your support my life will change for the better and I will endeavour to carry on and complete a Masters, becoming a success story to inspire others to have faith and never give up.”

Jane* was studying for an English and Sociology degree. She received funding but not enough to cover the year’s course fees. She lived with her parents and siblings. Her parents could not help her with her fees as they are on low income.

“The support from the Learning Revolution Trust will take the burden off and help alleviate stress so I can concentrate on my studies."

Susan* studied BA Counselling. She had some distance to travel to college so incurred high travel costs. This was proving a struggle financially.

“The money from the Learning Revolution Trust will help me greatly towards expenses that are needed for my course which I would otherwise struggle to afford."

Some names and identifying details have been changed to protect the privacy of individuals.

Hardship bursary recipients

Janet was in the final year of her Counselling Degree and was struggling because her maintenance support had been suspended.  

She lives with her young daughter in a privately rented flat and works part-time but there is a shortfall. The lack of SLC maintenance money means that she did not have enough income to pay the bills and other outgoings. She was behind with her rent and requested LRT assistance to help her through these cash flow difficulties until her SLC maintenance payment resumed.

“I was really struggling financially because I didn't get any maintenance support. With the LRT support I was able to pay my bills and other basic costs. I'm so grateful for the help.”

Rita was in the last year of her counselling degree. She was struggling financially. Because of her physical ailments she has great difficulty walking so is compelled to use cabs to get around, including her commuting to College. She needed financial assistance to see her through to the end of her degree.

“Thank you for the support. It was a great help. I bought some text books relevant for my counselling studies. I am very thankful.”

Tatiana was on a Combined Studies Programme. She was not eligible for student funding in respect of maintenance because she has not lived in the UK for five years – she is a Romanian National. She was facing financial hardship because as a single mother she did not have sufficient funds to cover her outgoings, including nursery fees.

 “I would like to say a big thank you for the LRT bursary. This money was very helpful to me as I managed to arrange a nursery place for my son before the start of the course.”

Cheryl was encountering financial difficulties, predominantly rent arrears. She lives alone and has no family support.  

“The bursary helped contribute towards my rent. It alleviated some stress from my housing situation so I could focus on and continue on my Studies!”

Freya was studying an Introductory Certificate in Bespoke Tailoring at Level 1 and was struggling financially. She had had high travel costs, lives alone and was reliant upon her earnings from part time work to support herself and pay her regular bills/outgoings.

“I had enrolled on a course the previous year and unfortunately had to drop out due to financial hardship. Receiving the LRT when I came back the following year, helped me tremendously and allowed me to finish the course, which was used towards materials and my travel expenses. I am so grateful”

Lateef commenced the second year (of three) of his counselling degree programme in September 2017 and requested extra financial assistance from LRT because of his financial difficulties. Due to an unexpected bill he was in debt and as such could not afford his travel, food or bills. He was relying on his classmates for financial help and was in danger of having to quit his course. His mother, a single parent, had no means to help him financially.

“I was able to use the money from the LRT for travel and meals and to help pay some bills. Because of the support I was able to continue on my course."

 Ruby* was studying for a BA degree in Counselling. A single mum, she was suffering severe financial hardship due to rent arrears, having to move home, a fine and owing money to a loan company. She was on track to complete her course but financial worries were affecting her studies.

 “As a recipient of an LRT bursary, I can say the support helped me tremendously. I was able to pay my rent arrears, buy my son a bed, as well as paying some of the debt I had accumulated whilst being at university. I would like to say thank you and that I am truly grateful.”

Sonia wanted to enroll onto a Women’s Hairdressing course. She had been offered a place but needed support with childcare. She was unable to afford all the childcare costs as she was not working and did not have any family support.

 “Thank you so much for the support.”

Amanda was approaching the end of her Pre-Access Level 2 in Sciences programme. She had an outstanding examination fee which she was finding very difficult to pay. She was not working and her parents were not able to assist. Her father was on a very low income and her mother was suffering ill-health.

 “The LRT helped me to carry on with   my course. Without its help I could not have proceeded.”

Nahid was on a Pre-Access to Science Course at Level 2. Unfortunately her husband was involved in a car accident and due to his injuries was unable to work full time. This impacted on their income and Nahid struggled to afford travel costs s well as childcare costs.  

“Thank you so much to the LRT for your help!”

Vince* was on a City and Guilds Introductory Computer Course. He was s struggling financially as he had very high travel costs

“The help from the LRT enabled me to continue my studies. I was worried that I would not be able to study beyond   Entry 3 English and Maths but now I'm just finishing level 2 English and Maths! I would not have been able to do this without the LRT’s support."

Daniel was unemployed and was the victim of theft of property and money. He has three children and he was struggling with his monthly childcare cost.

“I felt really relieved when I received the support from the Learning Revolution Trust. It meant so much to me and my children. It was the turning point that changed the tense atmosphere in my home as I now had the support to get childcare for my kids. I am very grateful to the sponsors of the LRT.”

Veronica was on a Pre-Access to Science Course at Level 2. She has health needs as she was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis and so was placed on a special diet. Her partner’s salary was only enough to cover their accommodation and basic needs. She was desperately in need of money to buy the food in line with her recommended diet.

“Thank you for the bursary. I can now follow my special diet and have more energy. This will improve my life daily. I would like to say a big thank you to the LRT sponsors for coming to my rescue and contributing to my well-being. I now I don’t have to worry about my situation.”

Lydia was on an Access Course to Psychosocial Science at Level 3. She had to give up her employment to cope with the demands of the course, and was experiencing housing difficulties following the withdrawal of housing benefit by the Local Authority. 

“Thank you and thank you again to the Learning Revolution Trust. The payment came as an answer to my prayers. I had just borrowed money from a friend to help with travel costs for my university interview appointments outside London and I was able to pay that back the same day. Having this money means so much to me. It will really help with this last phase of my course and I am determined to complete with flying colours”.

Raj* was on an Access Course to Computer Science and Maths Programme at Level 3.

He was facing financial hardship as he had high travel costs travelling from Wembley to attend his course.

“The bursary has helped me cover a few weeks’ travel costs from home to college. This is an enormous help to me as it has enabled me to focus more on my studies. These last few months are very crucial as I want to pass my course successfully and gain a place at one of my chosen universities.”

Tsotne was on an Electrical Installation Course at Level 2. As an Asylum Seeker he was dependent on NASS support. He was not permitted o work and he could not obtain learner support funding. He was therefore struggling financially.

“The Learning Revolution Trust has contributed a lot in my life in helping me to move forward and change my life. I can now afford the travel to attend my lectures and seminars as well as purchase a number of essential study materials.”

 Ruth* was on a Pre-Access Course at Level 2. She is a single mum and has no family support. She suffers some mental health issues including depression. She was facing severe financial hardship having to borrow from friends to pay for food and travel.

“The money helped me a lot as we live in North London so travel costs are high. It has also helped me buy food for myself and my son. I really appreciate it.”

Jaskiran was studying a Pre-Access to Science Course at Level 2. She was facing financial hardship because she is a single mum and could not approach her family for any support for personal reasons. She had to borrow money from a friend to buy items for college.

“This bursary was a great help as I was going through a tough time and wanted to continue studying. The bursary helped me with my travel fare and childcare fee which I had to pay to continue attending college. I am so grateful to the LRT for the support."

Benoit was studying Access to Business Management. He has faced several challenges growing up. His mum was diagonised with mental illness and his dad has never been in his life. He was experiencing extreme financial hardship and could not afford somewhere to live. He was sleeping rough for some time and it was very difficult coping with that and concentrating on his studies. After a while it affected his attendance as he couldn’t afford the travel costs to college. He was reluctant to apply for a bursary because he is a private person and prided himself on his ability to be independent.

“The bursary came just at the right time when I needed money to sort out my issues so I could continue to attend college. We were in the last phase of submitting assignments and building our portfolio which is a really crucial time for any access student. I am really glad that I was supported. I am now on my way Essex University to study International Business and Entrepreneurship. I can’t wait to get my foot into the career of my dreams.”

Alexandra was studying ESOL Entry Level 2. When she started her course she was excited to learn English to help improve her chances of gaining employment. She came from Portugal with her 10 month old son and was living with her sister who is a university student. She was not eligible for any benefits so her sister had to try and support all of them. At this point Alexandra was close to quitting her course as even buying the basic essentials like milk and nappies for her baby was proving very difficult. She could not afford the travel to college and was having to take class notes from friends. Her sister could no longer help Alexandra with child care on the days she needed to attend college. Alexandra tried to find work but it was very difficult due to her limited English.

“The LRT bursary made all the difference in the world. Finally, I could buy milk and clothes for my baby. Finally I could travel to college. Receiving this money changed my life; it lifted me out of depression and anxiety and helped make me feel like I was a mum again, able to care for my son. It truly brought sunshine into my life. I was able to complete ESOL Entry 2 course and I am progressing to the next level which is ESOL Entry 3. I am so grateful to the Learning Revolution Trust”.

Sandra was studying HNC Salon Management. She is a single mum of two. She was awaiting an assessment from the college required by student finance before they could assess her application for childcare finance. The nursery was demanding payment and she was struggling with travel costs for herself and other child.  

“The money helped pay some of my daughter's nursery fees as well as travel for my son to school and books for myself. I am so grateful for all your help. Thank You.”

Sharon* was studying Child and Adolescent Psychology. She was homeless due to family issues and was staying with various friends. She was awaiting funds from student finance and in the meantime was struggling with living and travel costs having to miss a class because she could not pay the train fare. Having no laptop it was difficult for her to stay on top of her studies. The funding from the LRT helped her whilst she was waiting for her student finance to come through. She was able to find accommodation. 

“The help from the LRT enabled me to pay rent in December whilst I waited for student finance. It also made rationing the money I eventually received from student finance much easier. I now have a laptop enabling me to get my work done efficiently and I have monthly oyster card money already set aside for the coming months so I know I can get to my lectures.”

Sandra* was studying for a combined Counselling and Psychology degree. A single mum of two she was struggling to meet the cost of breakfast and after school clubs for her children whilst she was on her course as well as paying for travel and study books.  

“The LRT bursary has helped me immensely. I was close to dropping out of my studies due to dire financial difficulties, and since being awarded the bursary I am able to continue with my education, in the hope of making myself and my two sons proud.”

Ernice was studying business management. He was finding it hard to support himself financially whilst in full-time education. With rent arrears and unpaid bills he was struggling to afford travel fares to college. 

“The bursary came at just the right time as I did not have enough money for my travel fare to college. It has also helped me top up my food supply. Thank you."

Cheryl was studying Combined Studies. She was waiting for her childcare via student finance to be assessed but a backlog meant she would be without funding for at least 7 weeks. In the meantime she was trying to pay half of her childcare costs out of her student maintenance finance leaving her short for other basic needs. Her childcare provider could not continue without full payment and Cheryl was going to have to stop attending her course until her childcare finance came through.

“The LRT hardship fund has helped me to continue with my studies. Without it I would have had to stop with my studies until my issue with childcare payments had been sorted."

Susie was a Counselling s Studies student. Her student finance was delayed and she was living in unsuitable accommodation with her three children. She was offered alternative accommodation but had no financial resources to help with her move.

 “The bursary has helped me and my family so much. Being a full time student making ends meet is very hard. Receiving the bursary was a lifeline”.

Tracy* was studying Psychology. She had to drop her work hours considerably so she could attend her classes but as a result she was struggling financially. She resorted to borrowing money from her peers and then became increasingly worried about how she would repay them. She sometimes went without heating and food so that she could afford to travel to college. She was desperate not to fail her final year due to not being able to attend.

“I would like to thank the Learning Revolution Trust for awarding me this bursary. The bursary has helped me so much."

Some names and identifying details have been changed to protect the privacy of individuals.

Vulnerable Young Adult bursary recipients

Farjana was on a Young Person ESOL Course at Entry Level 3. She came to the UK in November 2017. Having suffered domestic violence she lived alone in a refuge dependent upon JSA/Housing Benefit. She was struggling financially to pay for basic costs including food and travel and had to borrow money from a neighbour to buy clothes as she did not have any with her.

“I am so grateful – thank you”.

Nicola* was studying Hair and Media Make Up Level 2. She is a single mother and was struggling with travel costs and study materials.

“The Learning Revolution Trist has helped me continue my course as I can now afford the travel costs, lunch and equipment costs. I don't know what I would have done without it, it has really helped my daughter and I.”

 Alex* was enrolled on a Young Adults English Course. She was a single mum with a young baby and lived with her sister who was a university student. Her sister was supporting Alex with her student finance but was struggling to support three of them on her income.

“The bursary has helped me buy the necessary material for my course and other basic needs. I will now be able to stay at college to finish my studies and one day pursue a career in childcare.” 

Martin was on a Subsidiary Diploma Course in Sports and Exercise. He and his family had suffered financial and other difficulties. His mother was unable to work and the family had to move out of there home into temporary accommodation.

“The LRT Fund has helped me continue my studies. It has enabled me to travel to college and also to buy a new laptop so I can complete my course work. It has also helped with basic costs such as buying food.”

Elisa was studying Humanities, Level and was experiencing a lot of financial hardship. She had very little money for basic needs and for Elisa to buy books, stationary etc. for studying.

“The support from the Learning Revolution Trust has helped me in many ways. It has enabled me to buy the equipment needed to continue my course as well as clothes and shoes for college. I am so thankful that I was one of the many students helped by this organisation. You are helping us to not give up on our goals and dreams by doing what you say “inspiring lives". Thank you!” 

Loia was on a Diploma in Humanities Programme. She lived with her mum and siblings. Her mother was on a very low income and struggled to pay the rent, household bills and support them all.

“I was totally surprised when I received this bursary. This will help me make a positive change in my life and will help me achieve my dreams. Thank you very much!”

David* was enrolled on BTEC Level 3 Sports course. He lived with his guardian and the family were experiencing a lot of financial hardship including having to be rehoused.  

“The bursary will help me attend college so I can pass my course for next year. It will also enable me to buy additional resources which will help with my assignments and for a research project I will have to do next year.”

Alice* was enrolled on a Diploma in Humanities Programme. She was only supported by her dad who is a cleaner and on a low income. She has three siblings and the child benefit which her dad was using to support her was cut off.  

“This bursary will help me a great deal through my educational path. It will enable me to complete my course successfully, help me to go to the Psychology University and one day became a successful businesswoman. This bursary will help me to achieve my dream by becoming the first person in my family to go to University."

Kabir was studying Electrical Engineering course - Level 3. He had been in the care of social services following a very traumatic separation from his family. He had had to overcome psychological and emotional trauma but remained focused on his course. Despite many challenges he demonstrated commitment on the course, rising against all odds to the academic challenges. The LRT bursary helped him with the costs of books and travel.

Frewoyne Michael was studying 1F-CERTP-P-PPYA-A-S   Level 1. She had had a very difficult childhood. She had had various challenges as a result of this which culminated in her migration to the United Kingdom. Frewoyne was looked after by Social Services. The LRT bursary helped her with the costs of books and travel.

Sienna* is from Pakistan. She had a difficult childhood and was looked after by social services.

“The bursary has helped me in many ways. I have bought books for my course as well as equipment and clothes for college. I had very little before. The bursary has helped me believe in my self and to never give up.”

Matthew suffered from severe anger and depression as a child and young adult which led to his family not wanting him at home around younger siblings. He was in supported housing from the age of 17 and was living in a hostel, but struggling financially. He really wanted to succeed in life and was studying BTEC Electrical Engineering level 3. Thanks to the Learning Revolution Trust he could afford his travel to college and had enough food for lunch!  

"This money has helped me a lot, especially when it comes to food and travel."

Jane* had been looked after by family friends and was living on her own. She had completed Health and Social care level 1 and was studying level 2. With the help of a Learning Revolution Trust bursary she could afford to buy necessary text books and other equipment for her course work.

 “Without the financial help from LRT my day to day life would be a struggle."

Shafiqullah left foster care and was living in assisted housing. Support from the Learning Revolution Trust helped pay for food and books.

Sarah *, a refugee, with no family here was in care from the age of 15. She was living in supported housing and doing a Legal Secretarial course level 2. The bursary helped towards bills and day to day living.

 “The money from the Learning Revolution Trust has made me more financially stable. It was incredibly hard before”.

Work Ready

Ravindra is a model student considering the challenges he faces in his personal life, which has impacted on his ability to secure paid employment.  

He began his learner journey with Newham College in February 2019 when he carried out a L1 Introduction to Care course from which he progressed on to a L2 course in Preparing to work in Adult Social Care.  

Ravi was a keen student with excellent timekeeping and attendance - he was always the first to arrive to class. He participated well during classroom discussions and was often the initiator of these discussions. He asked relevant questions and was often seen supporting those of his peers who were struggling with language barriers. Ravi enthusiastically took part in class activities and always put himself forward as group spokesperson.  

He was a well liked team player and an asset to the class and always put in 100% effort in to his work. Ravindra was always keen to receive feedback; taking advice on board and using it to adjust his attitudes and outlook and improve himself personally and professionally.  

Ravindra has now secured employment and completed his induction period with his employer - Care Outlook in London. He continues to update his knowledge and skills and is eager to progress in his chosen profession. He maintains monthly contact with his tutors to keep them updated as he continues his journey. 

"Amidst stifling personal troubles, the Learning Revolution Trust's funding scheme provided me with much needed light and fresh air. Paying for travel expenses for interviews and induction training for my new Care role, as well as the DBS fee, lifted a great weight off my shoulders and I am truly grateful for this and to everyone involved."


Some names and identifying details have been changed to protect the privacy of individuals.