On 3 October 2018 the Fit for the Future; Skills 4 Local London conference was held at the University of East London.   Eight boroughs across North and South East London, together with businesses and education providers came together as part of a collaborative sub-regional approach to identifying the key themes and priorities of a Skills Action Plan. The intention was to strengthen pathways to work, upskill our local residents and meet the needs of employers more effectively. The conference was jointly sponsored by the Local London sub regional partnership, London First and the Learning Revolution Trust and its aim was to build on the momentum achieved through the ‘Delivering Skills for London’ conference in 2017, the launch of the Local London Skills and Employment Board (LLSEB) and the proposed devolution settlement for London.  

REPORT Fit for the Future; Skills 4 Local London October 2018.pdf

On 30 October 2017 a Parliamentary Briefing was held at the House of Commons to present and discuss the main themes and findings of the ‘Delivering Skills for London; Pathways to Employment’  report. The event was hosted by Gordon Marsden MP, the Shadow Minister for Skills, and in addition to London MPs, it was attended by senior representatives of local authorities at member and officer levels, employers from key economic sectors and college principals. The attached document summarises the main conclusions that came out of the discussions at the briefing. There was an overwhelming consensus that London is facing an unprecedented series of skills challenges and that in order to meet these employers, local authorities and training providers needed to work together from the bottom up to create an offer that is more responsive to the needs of companies and the economy as well as meeting the learning and employment needs of our communities, including people who may be otherwise ‘left behind’. 

Delivering Skills for London; Summary of Parliamentary Briefing 2017.pdf

On 28 February 2017 the Delivering Skills for London; Pathways to Employment Conference was held at University of East London. The conference was organised by Local London, London First and the Learning Revolution Trust. The purpose of the conference was to bring together all of the key stakeholders involved in post 16 vocational education, businesses, local authorities and education providers, to explore ways in which we can strengthen pathways to work, upskill local residents and better meet the needs of employers. Please find below a link to the report of the conference. The conference resulted in a wide ranging set of proposals addressed to the main stakeholders involved in delivering London’s future skills agenda, notably LEAP and the Skills for Londoners Taskforce, Local London, London First and Training Providers. The report also summarises the discussions that took place in the workshops that were held.

REPORT Delivering Skills for London; Pathways to Employment February 2017.pdf

Annual Report